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Car battery & Car Tyres 24Hrs are set up to serve.
We are the pioneer car recovery assistance in Singapore. We have a workshop that deals with most continental vehicles and Asian makes in our shops. We have the experience and strict protocol steps even in car battery replacement. Engage only the recovery team with the garage as we have the knowledge.
We provide discounts for our customers or returning customers even at our showroom or onsite car battery replacement services. Since you are paying the same amount,
Engage only experienced mechanics to handle your car. Call us now at 9852 5883.

why call us ?

We serve 24hrs a day every day.
Honest and Cheap for long term business
wide range of batteries including reconditioned like a new battery for maximized savings.
Experienced in many vehicles makes and no extra charges for complicated vehicles for an installation.
We serve with pride and strive to complete the job in 45 mins after confirmation.
up to a 1-year warranty for new and reconditioned batteries.

"Friendly and knowledgeable guy. Gave me reasonable price for my battery. Recommended workshop by them was friendly and cheap too. High recommended ��"

YuHao Tan

"good service provided by curtis! fast and efficient! good price for installing the battery, also provided some useful car information! thumbs up to the crew and curtis!"

Soo JH

"Superb recovery..friendly and Fast...promise 30min but reach within the Time. reasonable price...Highly recommended"

Sg Valet

"Very very friendly and give good advice by Curtis"

Wilson Tay

"Battery on my Toyota Wish went dead. Check online and found carbatteryrecovery. Very prompt with good time respond and price quoted was reasonable too. Will recommend it to frens"

Ilyas Afiyat

"Car battery problems? Save this number! Young non-dodgy friendly dude, upfront pricing. Gotta respect young peeps running their own thing. Ups for you lah."

Sophan Basir
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Determine Battery issues.

Car Battery is an essential component to fire up your vehicle but not the only issue.
The battery on a car usually fails after 18 months.
So how do you know whether your vehicle’s battery is the main issue that’s preventing your vehicle from firing up?
Here are some simple scenarios you might encounter. Use it to determine the causes.
 Car’s Remote fails to work
1. If your car remote fails to work, please manually insert the key and unlock your vehicle.
If your car alarm does ring, you probably need to replace your remote’s Battery.
However if your car’s alarm does not ring, insert your key to turn on the ignition and see if there are lights on your dashboard. If you do not get any lights or sound from your vehicle, your car’s battery needs a replacement.
 Car’s Cranking sound reduced to click But Couldn’t Start
2. Your car does Crank but goes off and doesn’t seem to start. you heard a few Cranking sounds with flashing dashboard lights and reducing to the constant clicking sound. This is definitely the cause of a flat battery. You will need to get a car battery replacement service.
 Car Crank for long but couldn’t start
3. Your car cranks normally, and do not reduce itself to clicking sound.
Your dashboard lights are on, the horn is usable, headlights and hazard lights work normally as well. In this case, Battery could possibly not be the issue. This could be the issue with the fuel pump delivery of your vehicle.
 Car do not produce any cranking sound
4. This is a tricky one. Check your headlights and horns and other electrical components to see if they works. If they do not work, your battery is totally flat. If it works, There could be a chance that there are issue with your starter motor. However there could be chance that your battery are damaged. Please Call at 9852 5883 for us to assist.
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