Company Vehicles

We are proud to be able to serve many corporate clients doing car rental.
Supplying them with an emergency response team 24 hours a day for their vehicle maintenance needs, lowering battery cost, and saving their driver’s time in a fast and efficient manner by offering car rental services.
We are able to provide quality 2nd hand batteries at a lower rate for our corporate clients as our company are providing maintenance programme specially designed by “ENVIRO ENERGIZER”, Our Green Partner. They use the latest pulse-charging technology to restore batteries. Batteries are tested through strict test to ensure its condition are optimal to proceed.
After profiling the condition of each battery, the recovery and charge process is accurately and specifically dispensed. This unique computerized charging algorithm, de-sulphates the batteries and extends the battery life up to five times.
A well-maintained battery helps to avoid failures and reduce downtime and towing fees.
Maintenance includes testing your battery condition, charging and enhancing.  Our Fleet programme gives you peace of mind, as we customise our programme to suit you.  Please call us at 98525883.