Green Partners, Enviro Energizer
Do you know you can help the environment by recycling used batteries? Batteries reconditioned works exactly like brand new and they do last as long as brand new batteries. That’s why we have partnered with Enviro Energizer to provide you with a cheaper alternative to your battery while doing our part to save the environment.
We provide quality 2nd hand battery that are recycled and restored by our green partner.  ENVIRO ENERGIZER uses the latest pulse-charging technology to restore batteries. Batteries are tested through strict test to ensure its condition are optimal to proceed.
After profiling the condition of each battery, the recovery and charge process is accurately and specifically dispensed. This unique computerized charging algorithm, de-sulphates the batteries and extends the battery life up to five times.
Batteries recovered will be covered under 6 to 12-month warranty.
You can save money, time and the environment with us.