Car Jump Start Services

24 Hours a Day Throughout Singapore

There are times when you forget to switch off your headlights or hazard lights and you come back to realise that your car is unable to start, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. But if this does happen to you, there is no need to worry. All you need to do is give us a call on 9852 5883 and have our professional car jump start service at your location in no time, no matter where you are in Singapore! We are not only limited by car battery jump start service, we offer a towing in case your car needs serious servicing. We will be able to provide advice on whether a jump start or a battery replacement is a better choice for you. It depends on the condition of battery as well as duration of the battery being used. However, if you have a jump start cable with you and you wish to start yourself, Here are some guides to follow for safe Car Jump Start Services.
All you need to do is give us a call on 9852 5883 and have our professional car jump start service at your location in no time, no matter where you are in Singapore!

How it works

  1. Park Both car adjacent to each other’s’ battery location.
  2. With both vehicle switched off, connect black negative (-) to the car, giving power first followed by the car receiving a jump.
  3. Connect red positive (+) cables to the car giving power and follow by the car receiving a jump start.
  4. Start up the vehicle that is giving power and let it run for 10 seconds to 60 seconds.
  5. Proceed to start up the car receiving jump start.
  6. Once started, remove negative (–) from the car receiving power first follow by car giving power.
  7. Remove red positive (+) cable from the vehicle receiving and the one that gives power.
    Note: There are times when batteries are damaged and are not possible for a jump start, or times when cables do not support high AH vehicles for a start. In any case, please proceed to call us at 98525883 for car jump start services.


It will cost a lot to maintain a car in Singapore, so everybody wants the lowest repair cost if their car breaks down. If the break down is caused by the Car battery, the first thing that comes to mind is to jump-start the Car battery.

Why should you choose us as your battery specialist? Our jump start service is fast and reliable. During the car battery jump start procedure, our expert team will assess the condition of your vehicle’s battery first. Basically, if your car battery just needs a recharge, we will jumpstart it. If it’s completely dead and beyond repair, we will suggest replacing it.

You may endanger your vehicle equipment or your life if you attempt to jump start a car battery without the proper knowledge and skill.

The first thing that comes to mind when a car battery fails is to either replace it or jump start it, but you may not know which solution is better. Some may even think that doing a battery jump start will solve the problem, but what if the problem does not lie with the battery? Since these assessments are not so easy, you will need a professional auto battery jump start experts like us to help you out.

We are known for our honest opinions and reasonable rates. We charge only for the service we provided in resolving the issue.

Jump starting a car battery saves you a lot of money, but did you know that it has a downside as well? It can be risky to jump start your car because if you fail to perform the necessary checks appropriately, you may damage your car’s other equipment.

Performing a Car Battery Jump Start may seem easy but keep in mind that, car circuit boards and electronics are very sensitive to electrical currents. A battery jump start on a car whose battery has been bypassed will damage some circuit boards or cause them to short circuit. Then you will have to spend several hundred dollars to replace it rather than the small amount for the jump start service.

If you are not aware of the battery’s physical status like leakage or crack, or you do not practice the basic safety precaution, you might even cause injury to yourself with an explosion.