We provide tyre patching and replacing spare tyre service. 
Getting a flat tyre is very common, especially if you drive around industrial or construction areas frequently. A repair of a flat tyre can be a low-cost alternative to buying new tyres. The skilled and certified tyre technicians carry out the flat tyre patching and repair services in the Singapore area.
If you notice your vehicle’s tyre looks low on air, check for any needles protruding. In this case, you will need the puncture repair for your tyre, or the temporary solution would be to pump your tyre at the nearest petrol station. In the event you are unable to, give us a call at 9852 5883 and we will be more than happy to come to repair your car tyre and pump it up for you. 
However in some cases when drivers do not realise their tyres are flat and continue to drive, their tyres might tear and burst. In this case, we will come and replace your spare tyre or provide our spare tyre to you subjecting to availability.